Stinkin’ Cute!

Gracie is one of my very favorites! Hanging out with her reminds me off all the best things about being a little girl. She is a natural beauty, but loves to get all glammed up and is rarely without a fabulous handbag. Purple is definitely her color!


Fall Has Arrived!

When you’re just a little guy, all these piles of fall colored leaves make for a pretty fun day! I am pretty sure he’s laughing because someone ELSE has to rake all of them up! Thank you, Nicholas, for a fun morning!

Silly Monkey!


Seriously, is it even legal to be this cute? Sabrina is one of my very favorite two year olds – super shy at first, but can talk a blue streak once you get her on a subject (ie: Dora and Diego). I had so much fun meeting Sabrina and her family – enjoy your sneak peek!



Meet Adelaide. Four (and a half) years old, gorgeous hair, beautiful brown eyes, and the spitting image of her Daddy. She is a fabulous big sister, and all around helper. Love! Album: Kristin Gunderson Photography

A Winning Smile!

Little Nicholas recently turned 9 months, and I was honored to help commemorate the grand occasion with some new photographs. Not only does Nicholas have a beautiful smile, but he has TWO NEW TEETH to show off too! His mom kept him giggling throughout our session with silly faces – he is one content little boy. I also really liked his curiosity for the vertical in shot #2, with his dad giving him a little help. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Wink, Wink

This flirtatious little cutie somehow lost it’s family, but as you can see, is certainly not wanting for some good puppy love.

Tuckered Out

Little Ilan was much too tired for picture taking, so a little nappy was in order.

Uptown Girl

Meet Shoshi – Two Year Old Extraordinaire! I had so much fun meeting Shoshi and her extended family during our session – enjoy your sneak peek!

My Very Best Friend

While I am fortunate to have many, many dear friends, this girl has my heart.